All Shouts

rich: Hey I wonder if this still works
badger: Anyhow... This!
badger: I still can't post stuff to the forum.
rblittle: Sent from my android device
rblittle: Nog
badger: Does anybody have any bread and/or milk?
badger: What? Whitney is dead?
Martin: No fucking way!
rblittle: Guys ........ Hello ..... Did you know Whitney is dead ?
rblittle: So where is the night of clubbing ? Cardiff or Newport
rblittle: So minecraft - I like it
rblittle: You smell
Martin: thanks even
Martin: Thnks
rich: Gallery is back, although it's not embedded in Drupal because I'm not sure I ever liked that anyway.
rblittle: Or is tomorrow, tomorrow, I'm confused
rblittle: It's tomorrow...
rich: shit, shitshitshit, I forgot about the gallery. I swear I will fix it tomorrow.
rblittle: I have found a loose wire - perhaps this is the reason for the gallery not working
badger" target="_blank">badger: You'd have thought it would have been fixed by now.