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Martin: It's fucked. Been fucked for months. Scroll down
rblittle: whats wrong with the gallery
rblittle: Badger - superb that's what a degree gets you
rblittle: i clicked and it would seem my suspicions are confirmed - Stokes loves the cock
Martin: That would make this site so 5 years ago....
badger" target="_blank">badger: Facebook? That's so 2 years ago.
Martin: Wassup with Y'all? Facbook got your tounges?
Martin: I heard that too
badger" target="_blank">badger: Hey Nick, click on my name!
Martin: What, 9.6k dialup?
nickstokes: he does have very slow internet
badger" target="_blank">badger: That was months ago.
nickstokes: wooller it says in the shout box. rich slow ass internet has taken over 6 weeks to upload it and its still going apparently.
badger" target="_blank">badger: Wheres the gallery???
rblittle: F ot K.E it's all the rage
rich: the gallery is still only 1/2 there even, my ADSL upload is crawling along
Martin: Gallery still needs a spanner or two taken to it
EggWan: Oi Tech Monkey, the Gallery is still broken. Wiggle the wires and get it fixed!
rich: Oh shit. Wonder why that's broken, I will fix
EggWan: where's the gallery? the link on the tab doesn't work