All Shouts

EggWan: I had to vent somehere, you were lucky - the internet connection at Chez Egg died shortly after that
rich: we need a scan of Toby's letter to the Egg in the gallery, please
rich: you know, actual real Visio is cheaply available from (all good software stores - Ed)
Martin: That just sounds plain wrong
rich: The Egg needs a Twitter feed
toby: How do I let them know because of the unfreezing process, I have no inner monologue? I hope I didn't just say that all out loud!
EggWan: hah! Success just found an old installer on my laptop!
EggWan: bugger that ultra slow d/l. I only need the Visio rip off!
EggWan: English (US) is not an acceptable option unless there's English (The Queen's)
EggWan: mmmm . . lookslike there's limited acces to a band aid solution
EggWan: launched a new version. Bugger.
EggWan: Gah! The only day for yours that I have needed a copy of open office and the bloody servers are down becasue they've just
rich: Game day pics. Can anyone else who took pics add them?
EggWan: I will no longer be using digital medium, if anybody wants me write me a letter. I shall be sharpening my quill in anticipation
EggWan: ou est le hammer?
EggWan: sage?!?!
EggWan: ou yahoo babel fish. damn you!sage
EggWan: pah. it's rubbish the other way
EggWan: please add that as a comment on any one of Higgins's's's'ess Citroen fault piccies! The gallery est busted for me