All Shouts

rblittle: Where is the gallery gone (mmm i like the hot chicken idea)
Martin: Mmm. Now I fancy BBQ chicken wings.
EggWan: . . . oh wait . . dude, you're a dude! Rule No. 1 Smoking Hot Chicks Only
EggWan: Hungry for some Manly Roller Massage? It was the pork pie jelly rub down that sold it wasn;t it? I knew I was on to a winner . .
Martin: Mmmmm. Hungry now.
EggWan: What's not to enjoy?! Fat, semi naked man, on roller skates?! Possibly a bit of pork pie jelly to rub in . . quality
EggWan: Badger - if it goes well I may be recruiting - Get your Midas back; Higgins, you're missing the point women will go mad for it
toby: I think that this would interest the Dragon's Den more if the chicks were doing the massaging...
badger: I'm interested in investing in this roller massage opportunity.
EggWan: other than that no real plans other than start to tap up people I know and look for companies who are still recruiting
EggWan: I am trying to raise the £1M venture capital that I require
EggWan: yes, roller massage. Me massaging smoking hot chicks on my roller skates. Business plan is with the bank as week speak.
Martin: Dude, it does bite the big one though. You got plans?
Martin: i suppose. You could have to continue working for a bunch of directionless cunts
EggWan: I have been made redundant chap. It isn't that bad no, there are many worse things that could happen
Martin: It can't be that bad?
Martin: :0
EggWan: Hello esteemed chaps, anyone need a QS. I need a job!
Martin: I know what you mean, I am one step away from buying a laptop to specifically play WOW when I am away
EggWan: I hhad to take up crstal meth to break my WoW addiction