All Shouts

EggWan: No - not worth it to start - I don't doubt it's awesomeness
Martin: Change your hunter into a DK. All the cool kids are doing it
Martin: Not worth it??????? WOTLK pwns!
EggWan: ah already own BC just not played it, wotlk not worth it - stop tempting me!
Martin: Patching.... It would take you days + you would nee to buy BC and WOTLK. Leveling is easy though
EggWan: ahhh, grinding black dragon scales to make my DS armour - happy days
EggWan: . . to all kinds of pain - most of which would be patching of course!
EggWan: I absolutely, positively cannot resurect my 60 NE Hunter, I ahven't played for 18 months and I know that it would lead . .
Martin: Got quite a few epix, made most of em myself;)
EggWan: Mohhh . . must get epix! Or whatever the kids are saying these days!
Martin: After I down this boss in Nax......
Martin: Social as in sat in your own home looking at a screen? Fuck that i am off down the pub.
toby: It's for people who like to be social Mart.
Martin: Facebook? What is that?
toby: As in, a chat thingy like on Facebook?
toby: Is Eggwan chat lurking on here?
rich: Ah, no, some of the tables needed rebuilding. Fixed now.
rich: The site was offline for a bit the other day while I upgraded the server, probably that, Badger
Martin: What's occuring????
badger: What's this horrible error message that keeps occurring?