All Shouts

badger: Is there not a theme that is pretty to begin with?
rich: I am gradually making this theme less ugly, I hope
Martin: You are probably right there.
toby: I never had one to lose.
Martin: That man just lost his comedy card
toby: Why would Jade Goody need to know you can SHOUT?
nickstokes: goody i can
nickstokes: just wondering if i can SHOUT too
Martin: Orange Box for PC on £12 in Sainsburys!!!!
Martin: Ahhh, figured it out, it was a Firefox thang
Martin: image links to other forums no longer seem to work :(
Martin: /cry
rich: ah, sorry, I deleted your not-logged-in shout, Mart, amongst a bunch of spam
Martin: /shudder
toby: You find the thought of Martin with DD tits jumping up and down on a bed difficult to resist?
rich: Yeah I can see that, the temptation to bounce on the bed looking in a mirror must be quite difficult to resist.
Martin: i stopped at a DD. The eye injury is infact as a result of too much jumping up and down
rich: haha, so you're, what? A g-cup now?
Martin: I find it quite funny ATM. Afterall I have had plastic surgery to put in Silicon implants....
rich: dude, that's a bitch