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Martin: Sore. Stitches come out tomorrow but the silicone tubes I have hangin out of my right nostril will be there for a few months
jeremytomlin: How is your eye Mart?
Martin: See, now your dragging it down! I only have one fully function occular organ
rich: "One eye"? Perhaps you should type with your fingers instead of your cock?
Martin: Hence why I wouldn't use twitter. My lack of dexterity would offend the entire world
Martin: Yea, it's a combination of codine and one eye
toby: Martin: your / you're
rich: what, as opposed to all the earth-shatteringly important stuff that is typed into this shoutbox, you mean?
badger: Theres nothing wrong with my typing, it's these stupid bloody machines!
Martin: It's a good thing your not on twitter with this, the entire world would know you can't spell :)
badger: Damn new-fangled typing machines.
badger: *to
badger: The Times even, the newspaper, as opposed Prince's one-time backing band.
badger: I thought penning letters to the editor of the Time using his favourite quill pen was more his style.
badger: I must admit I was surprised to see The Egg on Twitter.
nickstokes: i am also still waiting for bog roll..
nickstokes: oh wait...
nickstokes: can't really contain my excitement about it rich...
Martin: OMG! HTF did I ever manage without it? I could tell the whole world I am taking a shit!