All Shouts

rich: The shoutbox is OK from a PC but fiddly from a phone, so you miss random stuff like this.
Martin: I won't be using a dodgy accent. There will be no Pirates in the Nest as it's usually full of Ninjas
toby: Aaaarrrrrrrrrr Jim lad......
Martin: I am going to wear an eye patch. BTW didn't Stokes say he was sorting shirts? Or shall we go original?
toby: The Crows that is, not round to Nick's with the bog roll.
toby: I'll be there.
Martin: Bien Sur
nickstokes: ps: is anyone actually going to the nest xmas eve?
nickstokes: twitter accounts - i am on the toilet, does anyone really want to know that? and whats wrong with the shoutbox? pass the paper
Martin: Yeah it is and by the looks of it it's what a lot of the others use too
rich: @Toby: bah, we need your wit. @martin: dunno, I haven't read Megatokyo in years.
Martin: Twitter? Is that the thing that Fred Gallager uses to explain why he hasn't posted a new comic all week?
toby: I'd never bother I don't think.
rich: All eggwanners need twitter accounts, so we can use it like the shoutbox.
toby: I only ever find poppadoms to be a problem.
Martin: Yeah, it's the last time i eat Curry in bed
toby: I think your satisfaction is plain for all to see as a stain on the duvet...
rich: It's hard to overstate my satisfaction.
Martin: This was a triumph, Im making a note here, huge sucess
toby: Cool