All Shouts

Martin: I have just got the Portal OST and a load of Still alive Remixes!
toby: As long as my cock would let it hold the wheel for a bit.
nickstokes: toby sounds like you should join a circus...
toby: My balding mullet would steer for me.
Martin: That would be dangerous as he wouldn't have any hands on the wheel as the other arm is going to be hanging out of the window
rich: With a drop-top Porsche he could feel the wind in his hair, as long as he takes his shirt off and puts one arm over his head
Martin: So buy the porsche and all the hair problems go away... Honest
toby: Only when you grow a moustache.
rich: I think the bald ponytail is a powerful look.
EggWan: okay so grow a pony tail . . . . Perry!
toby: I have plenty of hair growth on the BACK of my head, it's the top which is the problem!
EggWan: I claim that one for myself for I am all that is ace!
EggWan: badum tsch!
EggWan: You'll be waiting a while then, the only way you'll have hair on the back of your head is if you sleep on a rabbit
toby: I can't buy one yet. I need to grow a balding, greying ponytail and a patterned waistcoat before I can drive it.
Martin: yeah for a balding nigh on middle aged man.... oh ....
rich: A mid-80s 911 just became a more viable purchase
toby: We can all come and live in it with you when we all lose our jobs in the impending recession.
toby: Rock n roll.
EggWan: Time to buy that Monaro?! :o)